Thursday, December 8, 2022

Baked Alaska Flambé

This flaming peppermint ice cream brownie cake will be the star of the show at Christmas dinner! Learn how to set the meringue frosting on fire by lighting up Peppermint Schnapps!


Before I start going on like a crazy person telling you it's SO EASY and FUN to set your dessert on fire, I need to tell you something else crazy. 

 I am 30 today! Yup, today is my birthday. Consider this my birthday cake. 

I know some of you have been following this blog since I started it when I was 18. Isn't that just nuts how long ago that was?? I am shocked that I have stuck with this little corner of the internet for so many years! 

I think such an occasion calls for blowing up an ice cream cake in flames. Let's do it. 


This dessert has been a Christmas tradition in my family since my sister and I were teenagers. We were pretty wild teenagers. Well, in the kitchen anyway.

 Baked Alaska actually has a history going back to the late 1800s. Supposedly it was named in honor of Alaska having recently become a state when the dessert was invented. 

There's a restaurant in the town where I grew up that serves Baked Alaska. They always use peppermint ice cream in their version and I absolutely love it.


I have had the tradition for about 5 years now of making a Baked Alaska Flambé for Samuel's birthday. His birthday is just a few days before Christmas so it feels like a really fun kickoff to the Christmas celebrations. I usually make his with chocolate peanut butter ice cream and use bourbon for the flambé.

And if you didn't figure that out, yes. His birthday is 2 weeks after mine. And we both turn 30 this year. So I have to be 30 for TWO WEEKS by myself. Isn't this the worst!?

Well, nothing a little flaming fudgey brownie can't fix.


I hope you guys aren't too timid to try this. It's actually so easy and fun and everyone loves the show! Make sure you dim the lights when you light up the Baked Alaska!

If you aren't so comfortable lighting it on fire, you definitely can use a flame torch or broil it in the oven to toast the meringue. 

Don't forget to read the safety tips before you flambe. I'm not responsible for any houses you burn down.

 But don't be scared. You're not going to burn the house down! 

Let me know if you guys try this and what ice cream/alcohol flavor combos you choose!

Here's a video to help you visualize the process! Watch to the end for a surprise ending.


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