Saturday, December 17, 2022

5 Ingredient Flourless Peanut Butter Blossoms

These peanut butter blossom cookies are quick, easy, and naturally gluten and dairy free! The perfect Christmas cookie recipe!

One dirty bowl, five ingredients, less than five minutes of prep time, nine minutes in the oven and you could be in chocolate peanut butter paradise. Plus you already have all the ingredients right in your kitchen. I mean, maybe you don't always have Kisses around (maybe you should change that...) but you at least have some chocolate chips you can mix into the dough if you're having a chocolate emergency. I know you do.

 If you've been around this corner of the internet for the past ten years, these cookies may look familiar. That would be because I shared them on here ten years ago. 
I knew I had shared them, but whenever I was trying to make them again, I struggled to find the recipe. That's when I realized I had posted these on my other short-lived blog Yammie's Glutenfreedom. That was before I had decided I could just mix the gluten free recipes and options in here on The Noshery.  

And since you know the main reason I started this blog all those years ago was so that I would be able to organize my own recipes, I decided to post them on here so I could find them again. 
These really should be made every year. They're so easy. Have a friend with dairy or gluten allergies? Covered. Too lazy to spend more than 5 minutes measuring and mixing ingredients? Covered. Trying to lose weight? No butter or flour.... hello? That means diet food.

Well, the sugar and chocolate Kisses aren't going to help you there. But come on guys, it's Christmas! Just stop making excuses and make these cookies!

Just one quick note... I wrote a note on the original recipe that these turned out best with Peter Pan peanut butter. I do think these cookies will turn out differently with different peanut butter brands. Shoot for a less oily one if you can. If the dough seems a little wet, just add some more brown sugar a little at a time!


  1. Can't go wrong with these! I use Skippy brand and love the flavor of them!

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