About Me

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Hello world. I am Yammie; amateur chef, photographer, blogger and most importantly wife and mom.

I grew up in the beautiful state of Michigan, which is where I lived when I first started the blog seven years ago(!?!?!). I come from a family of nine, which is really how I got so excited about cooking and baking. I had lots of time to focus on my cooking, baking, and photography when I became a homeschooler in highschool and I always had lots of support from my beloved taste testers.

Samuel is now my new taste tester. He's also from a big family. I'm the second oldest of seven kids, he's the second youngest of twelve. He has ten brothers and only one sister. I know, it's impressive. I'm also pretty proud that I went from zero to thirty nieces and nephews in one day.

Samuel and I got married in August of 2015 (you can see a post all about the wedding here). After the wedding, we moved to Berlin, Germany for a year and a half while Samuel was finishing up getting his bachelor's degree there. We had a blast there, as you probably know if you were following my blog at that time. We got to travel a lot (to London, Rome, Venice, and more), and most excitingly, we had our first baby there (see the post here).

The day we got engaged in Germany
In February 2017, we moved back to the USA, to my beloved Michigan, in fact. We got to live a few hours from my family and less than 15 minutes from Lake Huron. We lived there for about six months while Samuel had an internship there to complete his degree.

In September 2017, Samuel accepted a job to come out to Wyoming and work for On the Hook Fish and Chips. It's a food truck company and they want to expand all over the country, so follow the Facebook page to see when they are coming to your area! We are really enjoying living in Wyoming and feel like we haven't explored even a fraction of all the amazing things to see out here.

Wild Alaskan cod from On the Hook Fish and Chips!

In February 2018, our second baby was born. You can read about it here. She is just a doll and we are in love with her.

So that's our life story so far. We sort of dream about opening a cafe/bakery someday. Samuel is really awesome at making artisan bread (I mean, just look at this), and you know that I love baking too.

Our latest family selfie at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. 

As for me, I'm the happiest when I'm in the kitchen dreaming about new recipes. I never want to eat the same thing twice (while Samuel lives for his eggs every morning and hopes for tacos every night). I don't wear an apron, but prefer to make an absolute mess of myself and everything within an eight mile radius of me when I cook. I hate measuring ingredients, but I do it for you.

Some of my favorite foods are chocolate (did I mention that?), browned butter, and homemade salted caramel.  I am a huge fan of sweet potatoes if you didn't guess by my pen name, Yammie. And by the way, yams and sweet potatoes are the same thing. Don't be confused.

I eat gluten free because I just about die if I don't. I went through about two decades of my life feeling like had a sword stuck in my guts to figure that out. I have all of my gluten free recipes posted over at Yammie's Glutenfreedom. Don't worry though, I still cook with lots of flour because of my bread loving husband.

I started this blog March 2011 when I was 18. I never had any idea back then that food blogging can be an actual paying job thanks to ads.

If you have any questions about blogging or anything else, you can check out my FAQ page. If you want to learn how to take photos, read my Photography 101 page to learn everything you need to know to start becoming a photographer. You can also contact me at yammie@yammiesnoshery.com.

Unless otherwise stated, all of the recipes are my own invention. I never had any formal culinary education. Pretty much everything that I know about food I either researched myself or learned from experience.

I would be simply honored if you would follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Reader, or Instagram. You can also follow by email by entering your email address in the top right sidebar. And even when I don't respond, a comment always makes my day.

Love, Yammie

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