Wednesday, November 30, 2022

5 Ingredient Thai Chicken Curry

 This Thai Coconut Curry Recipe is ready in under 30 minutes! With only 5 simple ingredients and tons of flavor, you will love having this on your weekly rotation! Serve over rice or noodles! The topping possibilities are endless. This is naturally gluten and dairy free!



If you are looking for a super easy weeknight meal to make in the midst of all of your holiday baking, look no further. 

 This curry is so simple and comes together so quickly. It's packed with a ton of bright flavor and color and it's naturally gluten and dairy free to boot! In other words, there is literally no circumstance under which you should not make this recipe this week.

This recipe is on my weekly rotation, so I always keep the pantry staples on hand. Then as long as I have some kind of meat and vegetable on hand I'm good to go and ready to have dinner on the table in half an hour.

The best part is that everyone in my family loves this recipe, from my husband down to my 8-month-old. To be fair, all my kids have been eating exotic food since they were in the womb. They will act like you are torturing them if you brush their teeth with "spicy" mint toothpaste, but they love Thai curry. 


To be fair, this recipe really is not spicy. Samuel usually changes that by dumping a gallon of Sriracha on his. 

Speaking of toppings, I know the recipe itself is five ingredients, but you can add a lot to that with the toppings if you so choose. Our favorites are cilantro, Sriracha, green onions, chopped peanuts, and a squeeze of lime. But if you aren't living so luxuriously as to have all those ingredients on hand at any moment, don't worry. There is still so much flavor happening even without the toppings.

You can serve this curry with noodles or with jasmine rice (or both). I mean, who doesn't love saucy noodles? But a pile of rice at the bottom of this bowl soaking up all the sauce is really kind of a necessity. This is a hard decision that you will have to make. 

I often make this recipe with shrimp instead of chicken and sometimes I swap out the veggies for whatever else I have. Snow peas are really good and so is zucchini!


  1. Oh my, I think I have all the ingredients for this (except for the oil, but I can use another!), so I may have to make this for the weekend! This looks so good!!!!