Friday, June 3, 2022

Three Cheese Ravioli from Scratch with NO special equipment (with Gluten Free Option)

    This homemade ravioli is made with NO special equipment and has a gluten free option too! The Browned Butter Sage and Garlic and Burst Tomato Sauce is amazing!    

Hello friends! Did you miss me? Here I am, posting the ravioli recipe I promised you over a year ago. I feel like I just blinked and suddenly I have another kid and my ravioli recipe is still not on my blog. 

I want to try to post a little introduction of baby #4 and tell you a little about the birth story for my fellow labor and delivery nerds soon, and I also want to post my amazing bathroom remodel that my Instagram followers have been awaiting for a while, but today: RAVIOLI.

Do you need a Pasta Maker Machine to make Homemade Pasta?
Short answer: no. Not with this recipe!
This is what I call "rustic" ravioli. I make it without any fancy pasta rolling machine. Just a plain old rolling pin is all you need. I do also have a ravioli cutter like this one to make a fancy edge, but you can use a pizza cutter or even a knife! I make the dough a little wetter than you would normally for pasta so that it's easier to roll out.
You will just want to make sure that your sauce is ready once your pasta is done boiling so you can dump the boiled noodles right into the sauce. This wetter dough is more prone to sticking to itself once it's boiled, but putting it directly into the sauce will eliminate that problem. 

Can you make Homemade Pasta Gluten Free?
Absolutely! In fact the pasta I photographed for this recipe is gluten free! I'm not going to lie, the regular old all-purpose flour is way easier to work with than the gluten free. I use this brand of gluten free flour and it works great though. The dough will crack a little as you're rolling it out, but you can just kind of push the cracks back together with your fingers. It's really similar to working with pie crust dough actually. 
If you are NOT making this recipe gluten free, you will want to knead the dough to develop the gluten and also let the dough rest under a damp cloth to rest while you make your filling. These steps will help the gluten to form a great smooth and stretchy texture that will make it easier to roll out the dough without it cracking.
When I was making this ravioli to post earlier this week, I apologized to Samuel before we ate because I knew he (and I quote) "doesn't like ravioli". He also claimed that he didn't like gluten free pasta. WELL. The three huge servings he ate of this ravioli and the rave reviews he gave would tell you a different story. 

I would call that a success. 
I'm going to try to embed a video I made of myself making this ravioli on Instagram here to help you visualize the process. I know, I'm getting so hip and with the times. Next thing you know, I'll be a Tiktok star. If only I knew how to log in to the TikTok account I made several months ago. Heh.

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