Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Copycat Starbuck's Frappuccino Recipe (with options for Caramel, Mocha, and Javachip flavors)

This Copycat Frappuccino recipe is even better than Starbuck's! They are perfectly creamy thanks to one secret ingredient!

I know I have been teasing you on social media for weeks with this perfect frappuccino recipe (or frappe or blended coffee... whatever you want to call it). Well, I can assure you it was worth the wait because these things are PERFECTION. I bought a real Starbuck's frappuccino the other day, just to compare, and I was shocked to find that my recipe is actually even better.

I really think the trick to the creamy, smooth texture is the fact that these are sweetened and thickened with sweetened condensed milk. Most recipes will call for simple syrup or just plain sugar. That wasn't cutting it for me. Suddenly I had the groundbreaking idea to sweeten them with sweetened condensed milk. It made a huge difference.

I prefer caramel frappes myself, so I usually go out of my way to make homemade salted caramel sauce. Samuel prefers mocha, so he gets Hershey chocolate syrup in his. Sorry, honey!

I also often make them without chocolate or caramel sauce for a "plain" frappuccino. Still amazing.

I was trying to give you some Starbuck's vibes in these photos with the green straws. Did it work? I actually hate drinking out of paper straws because they get all soggy, so I hope you appreciate it.

I also ordered these glasses from Amazon (here actually) specifically to photograph these.

We had Samuel's brother over the other day and he said, "So what happened to these glasses?"

"I don't know," Samuel said, "I just opened the cupboard one day and these deformed, lumpy glasses were in there."

"I just needed something with a little texture for my frappuccino photos, okay?!"

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  1. You are all talk but no recipe!!

    1. The recipe is in the post above!