Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Welcome Baby Number 3!

Finally, baby #3 has arrived!

I apologized to you for not announcing until two weeks after my first baby was born (see here). I apologized to you for not announcing until 3 weeks after my second baby was born (see here). Now here with number three, I'm tired of apologizing and I'm not even sure how many weeks old he is anyway. Ha!

His older siblings adore him almost as much as Samuel and I do. You can tell from this picture by the granola bar being lovingly shared with him by his sister and the protective pat on the head being given by his big brother, who is giving his signature stare as he ponders the new responsibilities of having a little brother to take care of. 

Those of you who don't eat dairy will be happy to hear that I will probably have some dairy free recipes coming your way soon. This little man was a little colicky fuss-meister for a few weeks there, but just this week I tried cutting out dairy and he is so happy and content now! Luckily he doesn't seem to mind me eating hard cheese so my life isn't totally over. 

We love this little guy so much. Excuse me if you don't get another recipe for a few weeks while we soak in all the newborn snuggles. 

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