Monday, April 1, 2019

White Chicken Caprese Lasagna

The most perfect white chicken lasagna. Cheesy, creamy, and full of flavor. With gluten free option too!

I've always been scared of making lasagna. Every time I've ever made it, it's either been too dry or too watery. Half the time the noodles don't get cooked. Even if it ever had turned out for me before this moment, I would have fully expected it to just look like a big, hot, sloppy mess when I tried to photograph it. 

Well, considering that lasagna is one of the most delicious comfort foods ever, I decided to persevere through my fear. Now, after having crunched down several hundred pans of hard noodles, here I am, with the PERFECT lasagna. 

Yes, to me the most perfect lasagna is white lasagna (though I would never say no to a good classic red lasagna either). Especially if it's loaded with cheese and chicken, fresh basil and perfectly burst tomatoes, and topped with a sweet balsamic reduction.

Of course, the best part about lasagna is that even though it is sort of a lot of work to make, it makes a ton of food. I put half of this pan in the freezer for us to have another time because I want to have some meals ready to go when this new baby is born THIS MONTH. At least I hope it's this month. My due date is April 30th, and I'm really hoping I don't have to go a week past my due date with a 9 1/2 pound baby again. Cross your fingers for me!

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