Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Peep S'mores!


This just seems obvious to me, you guys. When life gives you marshmallows, you make s'mores.

You could also make marshmallow flower cupcakes or Peeptrooper pops or cupcake toppers or just cover them in chocolate and coconut.

The point is, you have to play with your food.

I must say though, photographing these was quite a traumatic experience for me. After the chocolate episode last week, I decided it was time to put my foot down. The sugar addiction must stop. So I decided that I was going to try to stop eating sugar for one week. Just one, short, little week. Shouldn't be too hard, I thought.

Oh, how wrong I was.

Whenever I close my eyes, I see myself swimming a pool of chocolate. Marshmallows raining down from the sky. Giant Reese's cups as big as my head. Cakes of all shapes and sizes and flavors waiting in line to be devoured. Everything is in slow motion. It is torture.

Yesterday my little brother and sister, Boots and Cookie, went to their friends' house to make candy. Chocolate candy. And then (horror of horrors) they brought them home. Boots made an invention called Crunchy Munchies. They are sticks of chocolate filled with peanuts and crushed Oreos.

All night last night I was practically in tears, "Please, please let me have a Crunchy Munchy."

"No," said a very small and trembling voice, hidden deep in my soul (I think it was self-control).





Somehow, the little voice won that round, but I don't think it will hold out for long. The only thought that keeps me going is that in a few days, the Crunchy Munchies will be mine.

Okay, this seems stupid to write a recipe for s'mores, but it's obviously very hard for me to break my habits. Heh.
    • Peep S'mores

    • Peeps
    • Hershey Bars
    • Graham Crackers

    • Roast marshmallows. If you don't have a bonfire, you can broil them in your oven on a cookie sheet. Sandwich between graham crackers with a piece of chocolate.

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