Sunday, April 29, 2012

Caramel Toffee Crunch Cheesecake

You will love this Caramel Toffee Crunch Cheesecake! The homemade caramel is so easy and the chocolate covered crust is outrageous!

 So, I have a problem.

I feel like half of my posts start like that. I guess I have a lot of problems.

But this particular problem occurs when I'm starving for dinner and it's still like TEN MINUTES away. What is a girl supposed to do?

Break into the dessert. That's what. I probably shouldn't, because then I don't eat my dinner like a good girl, but it just makes me feel like such a rebel.

Maybe I should adopt Boots' form of coping with pre-dinner starvation. He just sticks his [toy] machine gun in my face and growls in a menacing crescendo, "If we don't eat right now, I'm going to start a WAR."

So then we eat.

But you guys know I'm not that amazing at coping.

Well, the day I made this cheesecake, I was coping. I know, you can't even imagine. Because guess what, I dropped my cheesecake on the floor.

On. The. Floor. Whipped cream down. Splat.

At first I was like, "HELP ME! ANYONE! BRING A PAPER TOWEL!" I don't really know how that was supposed to help, but you know how stress brings on brain farts for me. 

But then I was like, "Wait. This is cool. I'm cool. The crust was so sturdy it just made a clean break in half. I swept the floor semi-recently. I already got a piece out to take a picture of for you. We're good. We're good."

So I threw on some more whipped cream and toffee and life went on.

But seriously, how could it not when this baby is a part of it?

First there's a graham cracker and toffee crust with a layer of milk chocolate smeared across it.

I repeat: TOFFEE CRUST. Then a smooth caramel cheesecake with homemade gooey caramel on top mixed with MORE crunchy toffee and then some whipped cream. My aunt says it's even better that The Cheesecake Factory, but I can't verify this as I've never been. I guess you'll have to decide for yourselves.

Okay. I'll go pass out now in a sugar coma now. And not eat dinner. HA.

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