Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Lemon Poppyseed Bundt Cake

This super lemony bundt cake is quick and easy to make in just one bowl. Sour cream keeps it moist and the lemon glazed edges are perfectly crispy. This turns out great with gluten free flour too.

You didn't think I'd let Easter come and go without at least ONE springy recipe, did you? Well I often do, but not today. I just had to share this recipe with you. This has been my go to dessert for the past several months because it's SO easy and it's everyone's favorite. In fact, I think Samuel, who is the biggest chocoholic you will ever meet, would take a slice of this lemon cake over pretty much any other dessert every time.
The flavors of this dessert are so bright and springy, but don't let waking up to a balmy 9ºF and fresh coating of snow on the ground stop you from making it. Not that I would know anything about that...
But don't worry, we've got 60ºF in our forecast for Easter Sunday in a few days. Oh Wyoming, you give me some bad whiplash with your weather stunts.

You might actually recognize this recipe. It's a variation of my Lemon Poppyseed Muffin recipe which itself is a variation of my famous Blueberry Muffin recipe.  My sister and I worked HARD to perfect that old muffin recipe and it never lets us down. The best part is that it whips up so quickly with nothing but a bowl and a whisk. 
I honestly find the bundt cake version to be even easier than the muffins. No annoying muffin tins to fill or wash. And don't be intimidated by the bundt pan! I know that moment is scary when you flip the cake out of the pan and hope it just plops out perfectly without leaving any pieces behind. But I have had perfect success with this recipe every single time! 
I think the key with a bundt cake is to let it cool little bit in the pan before flipping, but not all the way. I find 15 minutes of cooling before flipping the cake out is perfect! But I also think this recipe is very forgiving since it's not so delicate. 
Also don't forget to lightly grease and flour your pan. I just spray it with a little cooking spray all over and then put about 1/4 cup or so of flour in the pan (I always just use my gluten free mix) and then shake it all around to coat, dumping the excess into the trash. 

I have been using Bob's Red Mill all-purpose gluten free mix for this recipe (not the one with bean flour!).  I also like this Divided Sunset brand I get at Walmart and I never go wrong with this Pillsbury one. I used to get the Great Value Walmart gluten free mix, but I don't know if they changed the recipe recently or I just got a batch, but it just seemed really starchy and nothing was turning out anymore so I stopped getting it. Usually any mix that has rice flour as the main ingredient, not too much starch, and no beans is going to work best. Nobody can ever tell that this recipe is gluten free!

But, for all you gluten eaters, you can DEFINITELY use regular old all-purpose flour for this recipe! 
One final note about this recipe. I LOVE using fresh lemon zest for this recipe. But I make this recipe a lot, and zesting 6-8 lemons is actually a huge arm workout. Plus, I don't always have lemons on hand. So I usually just use lemon extract
Since lemon extract is made out of lemon oil, which is what gives the lemon peel it's flavor anyway, you aren't really losing out too much on the flavor.

The same goes for the glaze, I do think it's better with the freshly squeezed lemon juice, but I have made this many times with bottled lemon juice and have never had a single complaint.
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  1. But cakes are so easy and make you look like you worked so hard on them. Thank you.

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    to create treats as exquisite as this.