Thursday, March 16, 2023

Lucky Charms Oreo Dessert

This is such an easy no-bake St. Patrick's Day dessert! It is easily made gluten free with gluten free Oreos!


The other day my sister asked me what I was making for St. Patrick's Day. I told her I was a boring mom of 4 now who doesn't want to commit to too many fun traditions and holidays so... NOTHING. 

That night my friend texted me and asked if we wanted to come over for dinner on St. Patrick's Day. Suddenly I remembered that I love making crazy desserts and celebrating my Irish heritage (I mean, I think I'm like at least 1% Irish). So I asked her what I could bring and, as I had expected and hoped, she said dessert.

So here is my very authentic Irish dessert for St. Patrick's day. Wink wink. 

First of all, I know you can buy Lucky Charms "Just the Marshmallows", but I couldn't find them at the moment, so I just had my kids help me pick all the Marshmallows out of a box of Lucky Charms. If you have ever seen kids around a box of Lucky Charms before, you know that they are EXPERTS at picking out the Marshmallows. 

 I got a Mega box which gave me at least a few cups of marshmallows (I didn't measure), but I'm sure one regular box would have been enough for this recipe. 

But if you don't have a troop of kids ready to sort cereal for you, you can find just the marshmallows in some stores or here on Amazon!



So basically this is just a glorified Oreo Dessert, also known as "chocolate lasagna" or "dirt cake". I'm sure if you're an American you've had this dessert in some shape or form before. I normally like to make this with vanilla pudding and more crushed Oreos on top, but a lot of people use chocolate pudding too! 


To make this St. Patrick's Day appropriate, I used pistachio pudding mix so it would be green. I have to say, I love the pistachio pudding flavor and it actually really goes well with the marshmallows too! 

My sister said she would like it even better with mint flavored pudding. I told her that would be good, but there's no such thing as mint pudding mix to my knowledge. Then she suggested using vanilla pudding and adding mint extract and green food coloring. In that case, you might as well also use mint Oreos (they also have gluten free ones!). Now I'm getting really excited about this idea and feeling like I should make a mint version ASAP.


So you may be wondering how I have photos of this all cut up into slices if I made it to bring to my friend's house tomorrow. Well, by now I think my friends are used to my annoying food blogger ways of chopping up desserts before I bring them over. I don't know how to be a fancy dinner party guest I guess.


But I did actually put all the pieces back and kind  of smooth over the Cool Whip on top, so maybe they'll never even know.

Unless... she sees this post. Oops.


 So what are you guys doing for St. Patty's Day? Do you have any fun traditions???

.... besides making this outrageous dessert. ;)


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