Monday, April 29, 2013

May the Fourth Be With You Party Ideas

Okay, so here's the deal. We had a Star Wars party a few weeks ago. I took some photos. I wasn't going to post them because I thought I might scare you away with my nerdiness. Then I thought, what the heck! This is my blog and I'll post whatever I want! I mean, you've already seen me riding taun-tauns. It doesn't get much dorkier than that.

Besides, May the Fourth is coming up which everyone knows is basically a national holiday. I mean, Wikipedia even acknowledges it, so that means it MUST be real.

Luckily for all my fellow Star Wars enthusiasts out there, I did snap some photos for posterity's sake.

First of all, we have this lovely Millennium Falcon cake. My sister Nemo made it. All you need is one round layer of cake and in a 10 inch loaf pan. Use one the round layer for the body of the ship. Cut the loaf layer diagonally for the prong thingies. You'll have two triangles then. You can cut the tips off (that's where the bullets come out). Cut the opposite end so that it fits onto the circular body of the ship. You can also make a cockpit, but I think Nemo forgot. Then frost the whole thing with a layer of light grey frosting and pipe on the details with some darker grey frosting (we use these colors). 

You may not have been previously acquainted with my rare and wonderful talent of photoshopping. Please feast your eyes...

Next is this stunning platter of lightsabers.

Melt some white chocolate, add desired shade of food coloring, dip pretzels and set on parchment paper to dry. You can also attach some cinnamon candies with some extra white chocolate for the button. 

Wooh-wee! Here's a prize. Not only an elegant weapon, but again, some most elegant photoshopping!

Now, some delicious carbonite bars.

They're pretty much buckeyes made in this awesome Han Solo Silicone Tray. You know you need it.

I made some with white chocolate and some with semi-sweet and they're all stuffed with buckeye filling. 

This next picture I'm quite embarrassed of. As I told you, I was only snapping these for posterity's sake, and by the time the pizza was ready, there was really not enough light left for any decent photographer to think of taking a photo. Good thing I'm not any decent photographer.

We just cut one pepperoni into a death star and the rest into TIE fighters. How delicious.

Speaking of TIE fighters, here is an excellent appetizer made by my sister, Piggie. 

Simply take some wheat thins (these are garden vegetable flavored or whatever it's called) and some chunks of cheddar cheese and glue them together with cream cheese. So easy a jawa could do it.

And of course, no Star Wars party is complete without some bantha milk. Of course, anyone can put a couple drops of blue food coloring in some milk, but if you really want to impress your friends, you'll have to buy these glasses.

(Ignore the fact that I disobeyed warning on the package and washed poor Luke Skywalker in the dishwasher... that poor "R" will forever be chipped above his head)

 Well, I hope you enjoyed that little voyage into the real of Star Wars geekdom. Now you can follow on Facebook and Twitter to make your journey to the dark side complete.


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