Saturday, February 4, 2012

Caprese Grilled Cheese

You're probably hoping that I'm back from Florida by now. You're hoping that I'll shut up about my endless days of sunshine and beaches and just get on with the food. You're hoping that I'll go back to the frostbitten netherworld of Michigan where I belong.

Well, I'm not going to. Do you know why?

1. My photography turns out really awesome here because there is actually SUNLIGHT. Just look at that basil, my friends. It's practically popping out of the screen.

2. Because I have to get down to business to defeat the huns.

Top Left: Piggie sitting under a tree. Top Right: Cookie being cute. Bottom Left: Nemo waving around a flaming marshmallow as I play with a long exposure on my camera. Bottom Right: Me climbing a tree, trying to be like Mulan. And succeedding, I might add.

Obviously this is all very important business. But not nearly as important as the business you see going on below.

Don't you want to just lay there in that toaster oven amid all that deliciousness?? It looks so cozy and warm.

Don't actually do it though. It's actually hotter in there than it looks. I speak from the experience of many blistered fingers.

This is the lunch of kings.

Actually, more like the lunch of queens, because I imagine kings eating just a bunch of meat all day. If you brought a king a grilled cheese he would probably be like, "What is this? Bring me some steaks and drumsticks to put on this toast, peasant!"

Again, I speak from experience. All the men in this family think that they're kings.

Guys just don't understand. Sometimes you don't need meat. Sometimes the cheese speaks for itself.

Don't worry about exact measurements here. Just make sure you use a ton of cheese.
Caprese Grilled Cheese

2 Slices sourdough bread 
1/2 cup shredded mozzarella cheese (or fresh mozzarella if you have it!!)
Fresh basil, chopped
A few slices tomatoes
Garlic powder

Spread two slices of bread with butter and sprinkle with a little garlic powder. Fill the bread with cheese, tomatoes, and chopped basil. Broil in the oven or fry on the stovetop until both sides are golden brown and the cheese is completely melted.


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