Thursday, January 19, 2012

Piña Colada Granola Bars

I know, it sounds kind of weird. But IT IS NOT. I assure you.

I mean, when I first made these up in my head, I knew they would be delicious, but I had no idea then what a wonder I was about to create. 

See, I'm sort of obsessed with piña coladas. But sadly, this obsession can be a little bit of a problem because I suffer from this horrible affliction called being-nineteen-instead-of-twenty-one. 
So, I had to find a solution.

You see, these granola bars incorporate all the tropical flavors that you and I love. The moment you take the first chewy, crispy heavenly bite, you will be transported to the Florida Keys. You crunch into a macadamia nut, chew into and bite of pineapple, and by this point you're pretty much bulldozing into some white chocolate chips, all the while enveloped in the sunshiny world of the heavenly flavor of coconut which is intensified by the coconut extract, until suddenly... you have nothing left but an empty pan with a few lonely pieces of toasted coconut because you simply could not help yourself from devouring the whole entire blissful pan in one sitting.

The best part about these is that they're appropriate for all ages!

I mean unless you want to add some rum to them...

(See those three dots? They mean DO IT!)

Oh, the other best part about these is that underneath all the sugar, they're actually pretty healthy! I mean, oats, whole wheat flour, flax and chia seeds, and whatever other crazy healthy stuff you might decide to throw in there. They're like power cookies.

So we won't feel guilty munching on these all the way to Florida. Because we're leaving TOMORROW!

Now, the car ride all the way down there can be puh-retty traumatizing. I mean, it's 24 hours of sitting on your butt, getting carsick, and smelling the putrid odor of McDonald's mixed with dirty diapers. Horrifying. So I'll just take a bite of these granola bars and let myself slide into the illusion that I'm already sitting on the sunny beach, soakin' up the rays. 

I adapted this recipe from my chewy crispy peanut butter granola bars. If you thought that those were the best thing ever, prepare to have the foundations of the world shaken like never before.


  1. I love it when you post flourless cakes! Your Brown Butter Fudge Cake was fabulous! My family just sat and ate the leftover icing!