Friday, December 2, 2011

Mini Gingerbread Houses

So, the other night, we made these very beautiful and super easy "gingerbread" houses. All you need is graham crackers, a can or two of frosting, tons of candy and sprinkles, and some little cartons.

Mine is the green one. I bet you thought mine would be super neat and perfect and cute. WELL IT IS SO SHUT UP.

Anyways, we used fishy cracker cartons, but feel free to use any little cartons you want. I would suggest getting the chocolate goldfish crackers because they make really awesome roofs, as my sister Nemo has shown us.

Besides, chocolate goldfish crackers + a can of vanilla frosting = best thing of my life.

Just use the frosting like glue to stick graham crackers on all sides of your house and then decorate it however you want. It's so easy, even a three-year-old can do it.

Or a six-year-old...

Or even your slightly overly creative *censored*-year-old mother who was having so much fun that she decided to make two houses...

So after we made those, I went and took a shower to wash all of the crusted frosting out of my hair and stuff. When I got out, there was this humungo blizzard going on outside. So, I went into the kitchen and found this note from Piggie and Tay.

What what? You don't know what a ton ton is? You clearly have not experienced enough Star Wars in your life. Please allow me to enlighten you by clicking on this link.

See? Clearly you are missing out.

Anyways, the Ton Ton riding didn't seem to be so successful...

So we moved on to snowball fighting.

Then I got cold, seeing as how I was wearing my pajamas in a blizzard, so I went inside and made them some hot chocolate like the delicious sister that I am.

And as we sat eating gumdrops and hot cocoa by the fire as our fingers thawed, I decided that I actually do like winter sometimes.


  1. My 5 and 3 year old had great success with this ;) thank you so much!!!!

  2. Those gingerbread houses are looking so tasty! I bet my daughters would love munching into these sweet treats.

  3. If those gingerbread houses were new homes for sale, I would've gotten one! Adorable story. Winter can unite families in such unique ways.

  4. Great idea love the house,s