Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Maple Balls

This recipe is the maple flavored version of buckeyes! A classic old-fashioned Christmas candy!



You want to know my biggest pet peeve? Well, I'm going to tell you it anyways. I hate when people say desserts are too rich. What does that even mean?
That you're a big wimp and can't handle too much awesomeness. That's what. Candies and truffles and desserts are SUPPOSED to be sweet. Get with it.


I'm no wimp. I mean, I can eat so many of these that I have inch thick sweaters of plaque on my teeth.

Ew. Not really. But I do love em.

On Mom's side of the family there is a great debate on which is better... buckeyes or maple balls. For years and years at Gramps and Beanie's I would have a bite of a buckeye and then a bite of a maple ball and then another bite of buckeye, trying to decide which one I liked better. I devoured entire tins of these chocolatey confections trying to decide. I still don't know.

Nobody knows.

Anyways, these little sugar bombs are not for the light of heart. They're super sweet, super nutty, and super mapley. So if your sweet tooth is as relentless as mine, you will enjoy them. Very much.

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  1. how do you store these?

  2. I just leave them on the counter in an airtight container, but they are good in the fridge too! They also freeze well!

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