Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Cream Cheese Apple Coffee Cake

A moist apple coffee cake layered with luscious cream cheese and a crumbly streusel!

I was very wary when titling this post. Last time I posted a coffee cake, I got multiple commenters and emailers saying, "Excuse me, but where is the coffee in this coffee cake recipe? I have read it through multiple times and I just cannot find the coffee. Please help!"

No, you are reading that correctly, folks. This coffee cake, like pretty much all coffee cakes I've ever had, has absolutely no coffee in the recipe! Shocking, I know. But I do hope you will drink a cup or several of coffee while you are devouring it.  

Really though, I shouldn't make fun of you wonderful commenters.

But while I'm already on a roll, can we just talk about the people who ask if "this chocolate chip cookie recipe will still turn out the same if we leave out the chocolate chips" (to whom I must answer, "What do you live for?"). Or how about the people who ask in earnest if cupcakes are meant to be served as a side dish or dessert?

I'm not even joking when I say, these kind of comments are what make blogging worth it. 

Enjoy your coffee cake. Good day.

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